Monday, April 28, 2014

diy geometric wallpaper

diy geometric wallpaper

Sometimes a design image stops me in my tracks and takes my breath away.  It's almost like it punches me in the face, but in a totally good way.  Am I crazy?  Or does this make sense?   A few weeks ago this image pictured below made me crazy grin from ear to ear, and I just knew I needed to immediately replicate this look in my home somewhere. 

geometric wallpaper on back of bookcase
via - by designer Brian Patrick Flynn
I fell in love with the geometric pattern on the back of the bookcase.  It gives this traditional look a great modern touch.  Since I was working on revamping my boy's closet and had already moved the glass fronted bookcase from my old craft closet into his closet, I had the perfect place to play with this idea.

Instead of sourcing this wallpaper or finding a similar pattern, I opted to make my own.  I started by removing the doors and painting the back of the bookcase white.   Then I grabbed some heavy card stock in a range of blues.  (Thanks to my craft supply hoarding I already had the paper.) 

diy geometric wallpaper

Using a ruler and scissors I made one triangle shape then used that as a pattern to cut out a bunch more. 

diy geometric wallpaper

Then I laid the pieces out to figure out the pattern I liked.  The open spaces are where the white paint would show on the back of the bookcase.  

diy geometric wallpaper

Once I figured out the patten I liked best, I got busy with the scotch tape.  I added a few pieces of tape to the edges of each triangle before putting it in place.  

diy geometric wallpaper

I started on the left side and worked my way over to the right and then down.  The end pieces on the right side had to be cut down to fit, but since I was working with individual triangles that was really easy to do. 

diy geometric triangle wallpaper

I love the way it turned out.  It gave this bookcase turned clothing organizer a fun look for my boy's closet, and it only took about an hour to do using supplies I already had!  I love me a no-cost makeover! 

diy geometric wallpaper on back of bookcase

It may seem silly to some to put that much effort into something as trivial as a closet, but I've found that when you take some time to make a closet/drawer/cabinet a little special you do a better job of keeping things organized in that space.  Also, my son leaves his closet door open all. the. time. so it's nice to have something descent looking in there.  ;)  This was also a great place to "play" with an idea I loved without any major commitment.  

Do you ever have punch-you-in-the-face-design-moments that force you to immediately find a place in your home to replicate the look?  


  1. This looks amazing - great job! I would have never thought to do that with paper! I would have just attempted to stencil/paint it!

    1. I thought about paint at first too but I opted to go an easier route after thinking about all the taping off I'd have to do. ;)

  2. you are amazing! seriously. i saw you pin this but never would i have imagined a diy version like this! genius.

  3. looks incredible! that pattern has a lot of wow factor!

  4. Wow! I am stunned! Looks so fantastic and I adore that you were able to get creative and use what you already had on hand to create such a fun look. You are such a smartie!

  5. How clever! I love the pattern.


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