Friday, April 25, 2014

what's on my mind this friday

Friday already?!  Thank goodness!  Let's get right to the usual random Friday stuff shall we?

1.  I'm a huge fan of canvas slip-on tennis shoes.  I love that whole easy breezy slip them on and go, wear them all day and never have tired feet thing.  I wear them all spring and summer long with everything from shorts to sundresses.  Basically I live in them.  So I was super thrilled when my mom gifted my girl and I matching canvas slip-ons.  

Tucker + Tate Canvas Slip-On Tennis Shoes

These Tucker + Tate canvas slip-ons are so comfy, and I love all of the fun colors.  They're actually kids shoes, but I have a small foot. (I wear a womens size 6 and the kids size 4 fits perfectly.)  My girl and I dig these shoes so much that we wore them with our Easter dresses to church!  

dresses with tucker +tate canvas slip-ons

I kind of love that my girl still thinks it's cool to match me.   ;)   And I love the way a canvas slip-on adds a fun, casual vibe to a dressed up look.  My feet were definitely hoppy I wasn't wearing heels  - that's for sure.  (see what I did there #punny  #cheesey)

2.  Am I the only one that didn't know one of the fastest ways to get an avocado to ripen is to put in a brown bag with a banana?

ripening avocados - stick them in a brown bag with a banana

My 4th grader did a science experiment on the subject, and I learned something new.  I've always put mine in a brown bag, but I had no idea that adding a banana to the bag would get them to ripen even faster?  Since I shared my bacon avocado deviled egg recipe with you all the other day I wanted to include this little tidbit of knowledge for any other avocado lovers.

3.  I brought these little green apple almond butter sandwiches to a friend's house for the kiddos to enjoy, and my girlfriend flipped her lid!  She was like "I never thought to make them sandwiches instead of dippers!"  It's funny how the things you do all the time seem so normal and ordinary but are super awesome to someone else.  

paleo green apple almond butter sandwiches

4.  In less than a month my son will be 10!  I may have a meltdown or mid life crisis.  At least he's not asking for another sleepover party.

5.  Last but not least I want to tell you all about a new Etsy shop I've fallen in love with- Pendleton Market.  It's filled with lots of fun vintage finds, and new inventory is added all the time!  I am in love with these glass horse head bookends I just received in the mail a few days ago!
glass horse head bookends
They are right at home on the bookcases in my hub's office.  And I'm pretty sure I now need these glasses too.  You all know how much I love me some horses!

vintage horse glassware

Be sure to add Pendleton Market to your favorites list on Etsy!  You won't regret it!  

Have a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back next week with some fun and super simple projects - can't wait!  


  1. That looks like an awesome etsy shop! Happy Weekend! xo Kristin

  2. I know! Coop's bday is at the end of May - double digits. If you have any birthday ideas, I am all ears - he wanted a paintball party but I have not found anything local.

  3. Personally, I am a Converse All Stars kinda girl...but those canvas slip ons are ADORABLE! Just might have to try me some! :)

  4. Pendleton Market is awesome!! I'm so glad you shared! Love the banana and avocado trick, too!

  5. Yepp on the banana trick. The more ripe the banana, the faster the avocado will ripen. This trick also works for underripe tomatoes. It is because the banana releases a chemical called ehtylene, which speeds up the ripening process. It is also what they add to far traveled fruit and vegetables to help them ripen, since they were picked when they were underripe.

    I've also heard that if you separate the bananas, it will slow down ripening. Maybe because they don't release so much ethylene on each other?

  6. Wow, I LOVE the horse head bookends! What a treasure! I checked out the etsy shop and will definitely follow it. Lots of great stuff there! I also adore those cute apple sandwiches -- I would never would have thought of that! Did you make them ahead of time when you went to your friends' house? If so, didn't they start yellowing?

    1. I made them just before - she lives within walking distance so no issue with browning. But for school lunches I squeeze a little lemon juice on them and that helps to keep them browning too fast.

  7. thank you for the kind words Carmel! I am so glad that you like your horses!!


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