Monday, May 12, 2014

screened porch fireplace

If you've been around Our Fifth House since last summer than you might remember that last year we made one of our big house dreams come true when we had our deck turned into a screened porch.  Last summer was long and rainy, so the project ended up taking a lot longer to complete.  For that reason I never had the chance to wrap things up and give you a full screened porch reveal.  I showed you the dining area and gave you a few sneak peeks on instagram, but the weather turned cold before I had a chance to finish some of the little details.  Thankfully it's been warm enough to get back outside, so I've been busy readying our screened porch to finally reveal it here on the ol' blog. 

Today I'm going to show you the fireplace area.  On the other side of this brick bump out is the fireplace in our living room.  We had initially talked about blowing through the brick in order to make this fireplace double sided.  Sounds cool right?  Well, after talking with 4 different contractors we decided against the double sided fireplace idea.  Every one of them basically said that to do what we wanted to do would probably end up opening a can of worms and it would be a really expensive can of worms at that, so instead my hub and I decided to create the look without the worms or the high price. 

real flame fireplace on screened porch

We ordered a real flame gel fireplace.  It's actually made for indoors; but this outdoor room is completely covered, and so the fireplace is protected from the elements.  You can't burn wood in it, but you get the look of a real fire using clean-burning gel fuel which comes in easy to store cans.  It provides mess free warmth and is environmentally friendly  - win win.  It's not as warm as a real fire, but you get some warmth as well as the firelight ambiance.  We've used it a ton and are really happy with our decision.  

The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the large gap between the television and the top of the mantel.  It felt like this fireplace was too small for the space.  So when my dad visited last fall I asked him if he'd build me a base to raise this fireplace up and create a place to sit around the fire.

real flame gel fireplace
He whipped out that little bench in no time, and it was the perfect solution!  

I had fun last week finally decorating our outdoor fireplace.  That's always the best part isn't it?! 

out fifth house - screened porch fireplace

I kept it simple.  

our fifth house - screened porch fireplace

I filled the fireplace with candles as I doubt we'll be needing the gel fuel until late September.   It's been in the 70's and 80's lately!  

outdoor decor

My horse candles are right at home here.

outdoor decorating

outdoor mantel decor

This fireplace really adds so much to this space and gives it more of an outdoor room feel.  This whole space just feel like an extension of our home, and we've been spending so much time out here lately.  

screened porch fireplace

My hub thinks we need a bigger television out here.  What is it with men and tv's?!  I'm not going to lie, I love having a tv out here, but I think the current size is just fine.  He thinks this size will work until Father's Day - ha!  

I'm still pinching myself every time I walk out onto our screened porch!  I love it so much - I may even sleep out here this summer  -ha!  


  1. oh i am in love! it's beautiful!!!!! and the styling- so you and so gorgeous!

  2. What an awesome idea! I bet this space is so darn cozy. Heck, I thought your old deck was cozy, so this must be heaven! I can't wait to see the rest of this space.

  3. Gorgeous. Love everything about it!!

  4. What a gorgeous space! I wouldve never thought to raise the fireplace- I would've fiddled with that tv for forever.

  5. That's such an amazing space Carmel! It looks gorgeous! When can I come over? ;)

  6. So awesome Carmel! I'm super jealous!! We don't even have our fireplace in the living room yet. :( Yours is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. GIRL! My jaw just dropped. I am in love with this. That outdoor porch is amazing. I would be out there every day. Look for me. . .I just might pop in. I don't take up a ton of space and will clean up after myself. I promise.

  8. So beautiful! I love how you styled this. What an amazing space!

  9. If only we were neighbors! I love this!!!!

  10. It turned out beautifully! Enjoy!

  11. Um yeah, that does not suck at all.

  12. Oh my word! I'm having some MAJOR fireplace on a screened in porch envy right now Carmel! I would totally supply all of the wine if I could come hang out there with you! :-)

  13. I second Vanessa, your screened porch is gorgeous! I will bring wine as well!! Xo

  14. It's gorgeous! I'd love to have a fully covered porch where we can set another TV, but my part of France is a bit too cold for that :-)
    Love what you did with the simple mantel,

  15. I spy bentwood chairs!!! I love this space Carmel. Its lovely and I love the fireplace. Growing up in the South we always has screened in porches. They really extend your outdoor entertaining period well into the fall:)

  16. Such a beautiful space and you were right, elevating the fireplace made all the difference in the world,and the way you decorated the space is just gorgeous.

  17. It totally is the perfect solution and has such big impact. So much better now

  18. Love your porch! we have a similar screened in porch here in Virginia, its the BEST! I'm wondering if you bring your TV inside when it starts to get cold?

    1. We just leave it right where it is. This is the second winter it's been there and we've not had any issues. It's in the middle back of the room so it doesn't get exposed to the elements.


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