Wednesday, June 4, 2014

flower peplum power

Hey friends and happy hump day!  I apologize in advance if I'm overly peppy for a Wednesday, but we only have two more early wake ups................until August rolls around!  Friday is the last day of school!!  Woohoo!!!!  I'm so not an early morning person, so I look forward to summer break even more than the kids do.  

Today I'm popping in to tell you about a great little deal I found recently.  I usually wait to share fashion related news in my Friday posts, but since there is a sale involved there's no time like the present, am I right?  I don't think you'll want to miss this deal. 

Anthropologie is one of my absolute favorite stores.  Here in Lexington it's located right next to Whole Foods (where all my money goes) so I can't help but pop in there "just to look around".  I mostly leave empty handed.....because my family likes to eat ;) ..........but the store itself is so good for the creative soul that I don't mind window shopping.  Their housewares are so fun and unique, and I love their clothing style.  Their clothes compliment a woman's body and femininity.  Add to that the quality just can't be beat!  I do a little happy dance whenever I find a great deal in that store.   

red white and blue outfit

I'm a huge fan of the peplum.  God bless that sweet little ruffle that makes you look like a lady, compliments your figure and allows you to enjoy a meal (you know what I'm saying).  I bought this bright red floral peplum a couple weeks ago, and I've already worn it a bunch of times.  It goes with everything!   

The back of it basically begs you to just throw your hair up in a messy bun or I needed any encouragement.  (I'm so not a hair person.)

bright red floral peplum + white shorts

It's totally a statement top.....that's a thing right?  I heart the scalloped bottom so much!  It's a nice weight material too.  And I mean, it's red, c'mon, y'all know that's my signatuh culuh.  It was originally priced at $68, but I bought it on sale for $39.95!  I wouldn't have bought if I didn't really love it or if I didn't think I would get a lot of wear out of it.  This sweet little peplum will be in heavy rotation over here......and not just in the summer months. 

1 floral peplum 3 ways

I had fun putting these outfits together, and the really great thing is that I already have most of the other items or at least something really similar in my wardrobe.  One new piece provides so many fun options.  Sometimes going for the bold print is actually the safer option as you probably already have lots of neutral pieces in your closet that will pair nicely. 

If the red isn't your thing, the good news is..........

Anthropologie Peplum

I just wanted to share this little peplum deal with you all.  Ordinarily I wouldn't think a $40 top was a bargain, but because it's so unique, flattering on, and made well I feel like I really scored!  (One thing to note is that it does run a little big, so you'll want to size down.) 

Now if I could just find a way to make these wedges I mentioned a few weeks ago mine..................

Kate Spade striped wedges

I mean, would they not be perfect with that floral peplum?!

Find the peplum here.  Shop for some of the other outfit items shown in the post here if you'd like. 


  1. I think that top is very cute and you look beautiful in it!

  2. Same for us! Friday is the last day. And you look so gorgeous. I just bought a flower shirt too.

    1. Can't wait - counting down!! Thanks so much. I love a big bold floral top - they go so great with anything striped!

  3. Sassy! Love it! Happy (almost) summer!

  4. You look beautiful!! I'm a new faithful follower! I love your style. Anthro is my "happy place" I can poke around there for hours. Oh, btw~ those wedges are 50% off right now!!

  5. You look beautiful Carmel. Adorable top on you! I love browsing in Anthropologie. I can stay for hours in there.

  6. I love peplums on other people, but I'm always scared to get it for myself. I think I need to just try one on and see how it looks, maybe I'll fall in love too.

    1. Yes, definitely try one on! I think they're universally flattering.


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