Friday, June 6, 2014

what's on my mind this friday

Happy Friday friends!  This morning I sent my kiddos off for their last day of school!  We're all ready for summer!!!  Come 3pm today I'll officially be in vacation mode.  Too bad I can't ring for room service.  ;) 

1.  We've been blessed to have some seriously amazing teachers.  I was just telling someone the other day that my daughter's teacher is truly the kind of teacher you hope your child will get to have at least once in their life as a student.  My kids really just don't know how blessed they've been to have such warm, inspiring teachers!  Yesterday I hand delivered this party bucket to my daughter's teacher, and she loved it.  I know it's not always possible to hand deliver a gift, but being able to personally say "thank you for all you've done for my child this year" really goes a long way.  

summer party in a bucket  - gift idea
summer party in a bucket - gift idea
Today I'll be hand delivering this sweet little jar to thank my son's teacher for her time. (see what I did there)

gift idea - thyme in a jar
thyme in a jar - gift idea
2.  I can't say enough about this dress I picked up for my girl at Target a couple of weeks ago.  I adore it on her!  It's true to size and such a comfortable fabric, and well, I love anything in this shade of coral on a little girl.  And the full on mom bonus is that it washes well and doesn't need to be ironed!  LOVE clothing that is ready to wear just as it comes out of the dryer!  

little girl's maxi dress

She cracks me up on the daily!  I wanted to take a picture of her and she posed like this because she said, "You have to get the flower in the picture; it makes the outfit!"  Bahahaha!  #littlefashionista  She's so full of life and sass....... no idea where she gets it from?  ;)  

3. Last but not least, I rearranged the gallery wall in my son's room to make room for a chalkboard calendar I made him.  I shared the super simple diy deets over at Infarrantly Creative yesterday.  Head on over to check it out! 

little boy's gallery wall

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  My plans include wall paper removal.............woohoo, livin' the dream!  ;) 


  1. Your son's gallery wall looks great and I just love that little dress too. Target has some really great summer clothes this year. Have a great weekend!

  2. What thoughtful teacher gifts. That dress is just darling on her!! And, love the calendar in your son's room.

  3. Your daughter is adorable! Love the pose. :)


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