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Well hello there!  Welcome to Our Fifth House!  I'm Carmel, a DIY and design-obsessed, coffee and statement necklace loving Southern California girl who is living and loving life in the heart of the bluegrass.  Thanks so much for stopping by this little blog where I share simple house projects, real life design ideas, paleo recipes and the stories that fill our home. 

This is my crew.

I've been married to my favorite person for almost 14 years now.  We've had our fair share of adventures, especially of the moving variety.  We've moved 6 times, taking us from California to Kentucky to Virginia to Pennsylvania and back to Kentucky.  We're "settled"  for now, but not all who wander are lost...............and we're the wandering type.

I started the blog on a whim as a way of letting our friends and family know that we really did unpack every. single. box. this time.  While I love design and diy projects, after 10 years of being on the move and constantly "trying to make this place feel like home", I was in serious need of some inspiration to keep moving forward in the make-it-beautiful department.  

A funny thing happened as I started this blog to chronicle my journey on the road to finding home, I realized that home is about so much more than a place, it's about more than projects and decor accessories...................home really is a state of being.  

I've learned that no matter where I live or what my house looks like I'll always be home if my heart is filled with joy and contentment.

Writing this blog keeps me inspired, and my hope is that it will inspire you in some small way as well!  

Our Fifth House

Come take a house tour and feel free to hunt around for past projects and organization ideas!  
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Every now and again I share some personal stuff.   These are the posts that mean the most to me:

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